Jump Desktop's awesome iPad Bluetooth mouse feature

Can you use a Bluetooth mouse on an iPhone? - Quora Jun 30, 2019 How to Use a Wireless or USB Mouse on Your iPhone in iOS Open the Pointing Options. The feature in iOS 13 is hiding in the Accessibility menu, which has … Mouses and the Ipad. | Apple iPad Forum

We need mouse support in iOS 12 — Apple World Today

The jailbreak tweak should also work with your iPhone, though using the mouse on the iPhone would be quite weird even with iPhone 5’s taller 4-inch display. Do you fancy the idea of using a mouse with your iPad? Let us know in the comments. Note: BTC Mouse & … Brand new jailbreak can ‘unlock’ any iPhone or iPad – BGR

Apple iPhone users are also looking for iOS 13.4 jailbreak along with this new iOS update. If you are a jailbreak fan, there's no doubt that you might check for a jailbreak solution to jailbreak iOS 13.4. Here are some of the latest updates about iOS 13.4 Jailbreak. 1. Cydia Cloud. Cydia Cloud is one of the famous jailbreaking tools nowadays.

I already use the wireless Apple keyboard with iPad. Is it possible to hook up a wireless mouse and actually see some form of cursor on the iPad's screen? His would transform my use of the iPad as I already use it to run a small business. Adding a mouse would …