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测速网 - 在线网速测试,网络测速,网站观测,路由测 … 测速网(SpeedTest.cn)为您提供免费在线网速测试,专业5G测速,宽带提速,网络加速,Ping测试,路由测试等优质服务,拥有国内外数千高性能测速点,全面覆盖电信、移动、联通、网通、广电、长城宽带、鹏博士等运营商,欢迎您的使用 Ping Class (System.Net.NetworkInformation) | Microsoft Docs 2020-7-21 · The Send and SendAsync methods return the reply in a PingReply object. The PingReply.Status property returns an IPStatus value to indicate the outcome of the request.. When sending the request, you must specify the remote computer. You can do this by providing a host name string, an IP address in string format, or an IPAddress object.. You can also specify any of the … Ping-Test: Antwortzeiten Ihrer Internet-/DSL … Ping-Test: Antwortzeiten Ihrer Internet-/DSL-Verbindung messen. Unter dem Ping-Wert versteht man die Zeitspanne zwischen dem Aussenden eines Datenpaketes an einen Empfänger und des daraufhin unmittelbar zurückgeschickten Antwortpaketes. Je niedriger der Ping-Wert ist, desto besser. C#实现Ping - 川北 - 博客园

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ping - the time needed to send and receive a small amount of data Connection speed under a magnifying glass The results of the test show you a series of key values that allow you to evaluate your connection and decide, for example, whether to choose a different rate or another provider. If the "external" protocol is specified, the ping() method attempts to use the Net::Ping::External module to ping the remote host. Net::Ping::External interfaces with your system's default ping utility to perform the ping, and generally produces relatively accurate results. timed typing test, a free online typing test . Tests. Scoreboard