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bit-turbo.com bit-turbo.com - is a profesional platform, we assure guranteed profit due to our experience Bitcoin mining. Download free Turbo Pascal 7 for Windows7-8-8.1 by TechApple Jul 05, 2018 Turbo C For Windows 7 64 Bit for Windows - Free downloads and

The Russian company Turbobit is one of the largest providers of warez where users can directly download from their browsers. The company likes to disguise itself as a “cloud service”. But the principle is actually pretty simple – as a…Read more →

As they say in Belgium > :) companies affected (that we know of) hitfile.net (and .com) turbobit.net (and.com) extabit.net (and .com) and many more - seems a bit like the maffia :) I guess if they use .net and have a .com - you better stay away ;) Hope I help some people not get tricked like me Welcome - Turbobit.net Welcome to your new Help Center! To start a new conversation, you need to Open a ticke t, to view an existing conversation, log in and go to the My Conversations section.

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