DNS (Domain Name Server) resolution is the process of translating IP addresses to domain names. When a profile is configured to look up all numeric IP addresses, Webtrends makes a call to the network's DNS server to resolve DNS entries. Each computer has its own IP address.

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After 18 years of hosts files on Windows, I was surprised to see this in Windows 7 build 7100: # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. # localhost # ::1 localhost

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Hi All, We are having DNS role on Server 2012 R2. some of our clients has changed their Public IPs. when we are resolving those name from our Local DNS server, it first try to resolve previous IP, if try again then resolve to new IP. we check dns Cache, there is no cache and there is no old records

Switch "Could not perform DNS name resolution" (Error Code I tried changing the DNS settings from automatic to manual and putting in the primary DNS manually, switching it back to automatic, deleting the network settings and adding the network again, changing the DNS settings to manual AGAIN, changing it back to automatic AGAIN, and still no luck. My Switch is …