Forté Agent is an email and Usenet news client used on the Windows operating system. Agent was conceived, designed and developed by Mark Sidell and the team at Forté Internet Software in 1994 to address the need for an online/offline newsreader which capitalized on the emerging Windows GUI framework.

Forte News, Nuevo Laredo. 45K likes. Noticias Visit the Forte Agent newsreader homepage ( to download the latest version of the client. Install Forte. The installation is simple. Choose a folder for the program to install and whether or not you want desktop or quick launch icons. Configure Agent for UseNetServer. The first time you open Agent the setup wizard appears. Jun 18, 2020 · Newshosting’s newsreader comes free with Newshosting’s Usenet service and has usenet search built in. It’s less than $10/month for the bundled Usenet service and search. Newshosting’s newsreader is available on Windows, Linux and MacOSx and covers all the basics like unrar, unzip and unpar. Just search, click and download. Free Agent is a robust newsgroup reader that can be configured in many ways. It provides multipane viewing, and news can be read online or offline. Other features include flexible article purging, database compacting, carbon copying for e-mail and article posting, editing of all fields, and canceling of posts.

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Forte Agent Newsreader Review. If you know Usenet you will have heard about Forte Agent Newsreader. The veteran company has been around since 1995. Mark Sidell developed it as a way to take advantage of Windows’ GUI features. It was quite innovative at the time, being one of the earliest newsreaders to support yEnc encoding.

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Using Forte Free Agent newsreader - Apple Community Dec 25, 2010 Agent Getting Started - 1. Installation - YouTube Oct 14, 2014 Download Forte Agent 7.20 Build 32.1218 Newsreader to help you keep track of your favorite articles gathered from all over the web, which also integrates an email client with support for POP and SMTP What's new in Forte Agent 7.20 Build