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How do I assign specific IP address to my OpenVPN server I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN server which would dynamically assign clients their IP addresses from given range and I need the server to have a specific static IP address which does not lie at the start of the address range (e.g. instead of OpenVPN Assign static IP to client | It's full of stars! Sep 21, 2018

For instructions on installing OpenVPN please review the guide for Windows Here. Next, you will need a static server IP address to assign to your connection. To obtain an IP address from one of our servers, please open a Command Prompt window and type: ping (hostname of server you want IPs for.

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Security IP Address and Security Subnet Mask specify the LAN subnet the LRT214 opens up for client's access. The KB articles available at might help. Here is one on OpenVPN with LRT214.

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