Jul 03, 2020 · Here's how to delete your browsing history through the Safari app on your iOS device. Open the Safari app and tap Bookmarks (the icon that looks like an open book) at the bottom. Tap History (clock icon). Select Clear, and then select All time to erase your browsing history completely.

Jul 19, 2016 “Clear History & Website Data” Grayed Out in Safari on iPhone Jun 29, 2020 [2020 Updated] How to Permanently Delete iPhone History 4. Clear iPhone Map Location History . Clearing the search and destination history from Apple’s official maps app is very easy and shouldn’t take a lot of time to do so. Important: When you remove an entry from the Maps app, that entry is permanently deleted from your list. And if there are more than one device linked to your Apple ID, then How to delete history on Apple iPhone 4S - Phone-Info

You can clear your search history on an iPhone's Safari app in several ways, removing individual pages, deleting batches, or clearing it all at once.

In the top right, tap your profile picture or initial Manage your Google Account. If you don't use Gmail, go to myaccount.google.com. At the top, tap Data & personalization. Under "Activity and

How to Clear YouTube Search and Watch History on iPhone

Tap on Guide icon on left-top side >> choose Gear icon to go to the setting>> Under the Privacy section, select Clear search history >> Confirm to CLEAR HISTORY and finish deleting the entire searched history for YouTube App. Step 1 and 2 Step 3 and 4 2. How to Easily Delete Google Search History on iPhone Selectively Clear Google Search History on iPhone Launch Gmail app and go Menu > Settings > your account > Manage your Google Account. (Or just visit https://myaccount.google.com/). Next, tap Data & personalization, locate Activity and timeline, and tap My Activity. How to Delete Google Maps Search History on iPhone, iPad Jun 18, 2020 Delete Browsing History - Clear Search History