No Network Connection & Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address 169

Notebook for Programming: How to disable Autoconfiguration Dec 01, 2011 FAQ-Autoconfiguration IP/ Duplicate IP address issue An issue is occasionally reported in Windows Server 2008 R2 regarding an autoconfiguration IPv4 IP being automatically set on the interface of the server.On executing the command "route print" in the cmd, it shows that the auto config IP on the interface is the preferred IP (169.254.X.X) and the static IP meant to be used is the duplicate IP IPv6 Auto-Configuration | Microsoft® Docs

An autoconfiguration IP address (169.254.x.y) means you are not getting a real internet address. This is also referred to as "limited or no connectivity". We have some steps that can help resolve this or identify the issue. Release/Renew your IP address.

Solved: Windows Computer get autconfiguration I - Cisco Oct 23, 2016

What is IPv6 Autoconfiguration?

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