Dec 02, 2013 · I am getting PCs ready for an image and I would like to automate the process a little more with some command line switches. Basically I'd like to go ahead and specify the Session name, the ip address of the ghost server, and the other questions on which partion - mostly #2 because Dell has that small diagnostics partition.

Nov 19, 2001 Ghostscript: FAQ Bugs must include a command line, the original input PS or PDF file and the version of Ghostscript you are using. If you are a customer with a commercial license, your bug report will be given priority over non-customers. Please include your customer ID so we may easilty identify you. Non-customer bugs will be addressed "as time allows". 7 Ways to Detect And Remove Old, Unused or Hidden Device A couple of optional arguments are -s to bypass creating a restore point, and -t to test the command only. Hardware IDs are found in the Details tab in the Properties window for the device in Device manager. Make sure to use the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version for your system. Download Device Cleanup Tool Command Line

I have Ghost 15 so I'm not sure if it is the same or not. If you feel comfortable creating a custom SRD with a batch file, you may be able to do an automatic restore. Here are the command line switches for V2iSR.exe (v2i restore application)

Feb 24, 2009 · Using Norton Ghost DOS Command Line Scripts and Switches. This video discusses Norton Ghost command line switches and scripts for maintaining a high school computer lab.

Page 58 Appendix A: Norton Ghost command-line switches image file or to another disk, Norton Ghost examines the source partition and decides whether to copy just the files and directory structure, or to do a sector-by-sector copy. If it understands the internal format of the partition, it defaults to copying the files and directory structure.

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