Mar 13, 2015 What is a USB Token? - Definition from Techopedia A USB token is a physical device that is used to establish personal identity without use of a password to access a network. A USB token is used to prove the user’s identity electronically, thus enhancing digital security. It provides secure and strong authentication for network access. USB eToken and USB Flash Features Support - Cisco Apr 29, 2005 Aladdin eToken Pro USB 72k - USB security key Series Specs

How to Install your Certificate onto a SafeNet USB Token

Apr 30, 2020

Download Gemalto USB Smart Card Reader Driver for

Digital Signature Token | USB e-token India | Dongle for DSC A USB token is a password-protected physical device in which the digital signature is stored. The token has a special built-in software to recognise and open digital signatures. The terms "USB token", "e-token", "dongle" and "digital signature token" are used interchangeably.