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Jun 07, 2013

by Steve Mann. 30 years ago, Mann, a professor at the University of Toronto, invented wearable computing and has been described as the world's first cyborg with his "digital glass eye" or EyeTap - which looked pretty scary-Terminator at the time. Now it looks pretty tame, erring on the side of ugy and oh-so-commonplace if you happen to run in

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May 22, 2013 Mann S | Electrical & Computer Engineering Steve Mann has been recognized as “the father of wearable computing” (IEEE ISSCC 2000) and “the father of wearable augmented reality (AR)” for his invention of “Digital Eye Glass” (EyeTap) and mediated reality (predecessor of AR). He also invented the Chirplet Transform, Comparametric Equations, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging Steve Mann, Inventor, Allegedly Attacked At Paris McDonald