May 06, 2014

Netflix on Us | T-Mobile Support Eligible plans & requirements. If you have two or more lines and one of the following taxes and fees included plans, you get a single subscription on your account of Netflix on Us! Check out what Netflix subscription you get with your T-Mobile plan. Magenta plans. We cover up to $8.99 towards the Netflix Basic subscription priced at $8.99. Verizon continues to call Netflix's bluff on buffering The ongoing public spat between Netflix and broadband providers continues this week with one of the most vocal telco opponents issuing another rebuttal. That would be Verizon, which has been at odds with the online video giant for months now -- a battle that served as one of the catalysts for the heated net neutrality debate. Verizon Continues Partnership Building with Netflix Offer

Jun 13, 2014

3 Legitimate Ways to Get Free Netflix - DollarSprout Jul 08, 2020 Netflix-Verizon feud flares up again - CNNMoney

Feb. 4 Update: Verizon just announced the latest version of its free Netflix deal, we've got details below. If Netflix's price hike to $13 a month is pushing you away from the streaming giant

Verizon gives a year of free Netflix to new FiOS customers Feb 14, 2018 Verizon, Netflix continue net neutrality war of words | ZDNet