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A unique local address (ULA) is an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address in the address range fc00:: / 7. Its purpose in IPv6 is analogous to IPv4 private network addressing. Unique local addresses may be used freely, without centralized registration, inside a single site or organization or spanning a limited number of sites or organizations. When to Use Stateless and Stateful Approaches (IPv6 IPv6 addresses are leased to an interface for a fixed, possibly infinite, length of time. Each address has an associated lifetime that indicates how long the address is bound to an interface. When a lifetime expires, the binding, and address, become invalid and the … IPv6 and IPv4 mixed mode nodes inevitable - TechRepublic May 26, 2008 IP Version 6 - Cox Communications

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Each mode has a description and picture, if you don't hit apply you can click on each mode and read the description without changing the mode. The pictures also depict how each mode works. Aside from your OP try disabling IPV4 on any device with IPV6 working, then open a browser and see how many sites you can actually get to.

Until we're an IPv6-only world, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need to provide their customers with Internet connectivity, whether the host-to-server (you to a website) connection is IPv4-to-IPv4 or IPv6-to-IPv6. Fortunately, there is a plan. Dual stack to the rescue. ISPs have chosen an IP address transition method called dual stack.

Internet Protocol version 6, otherwise known as IPv6, launches today, opening a way to for all of us to keep connecting a wider range of ever-more esoteric devices to the Internet. IPv6 - Mobility - Tutorialspoint