This was published 2 years ago. Piracy in Australia drops 20 per cent year-on-year, survey claims Australians have long worn the crown of the world's most enthusiastic pirates of film and

This campaign is the biggest anti-piracy push in Australia's history - but are scare campaigns really the right way to prevent people from downloading? Australian anti-piracy measures: Short Copy 1-10 Nov | Copy … 2020-4-22 · Last 10 days on the Internet: Australian anti-piracy measures, FCC net neutrality proposal leaked and it's BAD 2017 Creative Content Australia's Anti-Piracy Campaign 2017 Price of Piracy About the Campaign. On Friday 18 August 2017, Creative Content Australia launched Australia’s biggest ever anti-piracy consumer campaign followed a ruling in the Australian Federal Court ordering ISPs to block 59 websites found to be primarily engaged in facilitating access to copyright-infringing content. Report: Australian Internet Pirates To Be Sued This Year

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Read the Latest Piracy News and Online Tech News including Technology and Piracy updates. For more Internet Piracy News and information visit Site-Blocking and Anti-Piracy Legislation in Australia When it comes to the issue of online piracy of TV shows, movies, music and other copyrighted material, we know too well the tug of war between free and easy access to entertainment, and the legal rights and monetary losses that production companies suffer as a result of piracy. This article looks at Australia’s current anti-piracy laws. Australian anti-piracy notice scheme delayed

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It’s this vast storehouse of copyright-violating content that worries Australian lawmakers, and prompted a 37-13 vote in support of the new bill. In fact, the law specifically targets overseas Internet websites, termed “online locations”, that distribute pirated content. This Anti-Piracy Scare Campaign Is Bullshit | Gizmodo