Here are 11 tips to secure your laptop. Update antivirus. We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, we’ll say it again. Make sure your antivirus is updated. Do not, I repeat, do not turn off

How to Secure Your Webcam: 3 Ways to Stop Spying Why You Need to Secure Your Webcam. A piece of tape placed over a laptop webcam was once a sign of someone who may be reading too much on the internet. Most Secure Laptops 2020 » Secure Gear Jul 17, 2019

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Ten simple steps for keeping your laptop secure Encrypt your hard drive. Protecting your laptop with a password is not enough to prevent an attacker from accessing your files. If your laptop is stolen or the attacker has a lot of time, he can remove the hard drive and read the files directly. To prevent this and to protect your data from physical attacks, encrypt your laptop’s hard drive. 10 steps you can take to secure a laptop | TechRadar

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