microG (Android without Google) gets funded : Android

Sending and Receiving Android Push Notifications w/ GCM Google provides an amazing service called Google Cloud Messaging, which we described in our Android push notifications with GCM overview. If your application is destined for multiple platforms, the PubNub SDK makes your life easier by supporting APNs and GCM out of the box. Create Push Notification Server for Android with GCM using Nov 11, 2014

Jun 12, 2014

microG (Android without Google) gets funded : Android The project consists of an Android library as an alternative to Google's proprietary FCM libraries and a server component and API. The target group are open source projects that want to integrate push notifications without having to develop another project-specific solution themselves.

This walkthrough provides a step-by-step explanation of how to use Google Cloud Messaging to implement remote notifications (also called push notifications) in a Xamarin.Android application. It describes the various classes that you must implement to communicate with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), it explains how to set permissions in the Android Manifest for access to GCM, and it demonstrates

This article is a combination of knowledge and experience in the process of push Notifications integration. This blog post will be interesting for those who explore services of Push Notifications for iOS and Android platforms and want to find out about the ways to handle badges. Stay updated about the latest IT trends and subscribe to JatApp blog today! Android push notifications (tutorial) - Server Density Blog Perhaps the most important feature of our server monitoring iPhone and Android apps is the ability to receive alerts via push notification directly to your device.. On the iPhone, notifications are easy to implement and included since iPhone OS 3 but on Android it’s a little more complex, and the Google provided “Android Cloud to Device Messaging” is only built into the OS as of Android 2.2. Google Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. How to Remove a Gmail Account From Your Android Device Jul 14, 2020